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Bengt Högberg

Circular economy in Härnösand: A closed-loop eco-system where vegetables and rainbow trout support each other – and are the solution for both food shortages and environmental pollution. At Peckas Naturodlingar in Härnösand, where the future of food production is being developed, the concept is being prepared to enter the global market:

“Now that we have completed our closed-loop system with the fish hatchery, fish farm and the green house, we have a concept that is ready for the market. We genuinely believe that this is the food of the future”.

Härnösand’s municipality has actively supported the initiative, leading to a domino effect of positive impact for the area as a whole. What has the initiative meant for investment promotion for the municipality? How can public entities support their entrepreneurs in creating innovative sustainable solutions, and off the back of it – leverage the pay-off for the betterment of the whole place? Bengt Högberg, Senior Investment Advisor at High Coast Invest, will be shedding light on this very topic.

More about the ‘circle of life’

The idea came about in the 1990s when fish farmer Per Erik “Pecka” Nygård saw the environmental problems his conventional fish farm was causing in the sea. Food waste and fish excrement were contributing to the over fertilisation of the Baltic Sea and consequently a decline in the water environment. So he asked himself: Would it be possible to use all this nourishment for something?

The solution was to move the fish farm on to land and lead the rich wastewater to a hydroponic plant nursery. In the nursery, tomato plants absorbed the nourishment in the wastewater and then the water was filtered before being led back to the fish – for the process to start all over again. The only thing that is added is organic fish food, oxygen and a small amount of new water. – An excerpt from The High Coast Investment Magazine 2021, read the whole article behind the link!

Join us at the conference on the 29th of April, view full programme here!

Bengt Högberg,
High Coast Invest, Härnösand | Future of food production - Entrepreneurs driving investment


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